The Trintel, designed by Van de Stadt, was build in steel, with a mahogany superstructure and a teakdeck, and with a simple masttop rigging.

The Trintella l en la are in concept aequal to the Trintel l en la, the hull was off polyester instead of steel.

The Trintella II is bigger as the Ia and has a polyester sideboard on the cockpit (instead of wood).

The III was the first of the real cruising ships made by Trintella.

After the introduction of the Trintella lll, the first step in the 35-foot segment, Anne Wever saw a raising demand in the market for bigger ships. 

The Trintella V is unique in his segment, everything is big on this ship.

Van der Stadt's design of the "Zeehond" (Seal) was the base of the Trintella 38. Whereas the "Zeehond" is small on some areas the 38 is broad and spacious.

The Trintella 44 and 45 are very similar. The 45 is 30cm (1 foot) longer. Both ships were build as a sloop and a ketch.

The last boat the yard build in polyester was the Trintella 53. Everything is just big on this ship.

After Anne Wever had investigated the wishes of his customers and listened to Van de Stadt's advise he knew what to do: build a lighter faster ship with possible more luxury.

The Trintella 40A is the smallest Trintella build in Aluminium, lead away from the base design the 44A.

The Trintella 44A was the base off the first generation  Trintella‚Äôs build in Aluminium , and was the launched as first from the  serie  in 1984.

The fifhteen  meter long Trintella 49A was the best sold aluminium Yacht from the yard. In total fifhteen boats are build.

The Trintella 57A, build at the end of the jaren eighties, is long be seen as the flagship of  the Aluminium serie.

The Trintella 75A, is the  biggest Trintella ever build.

This Trintella is with her 42-feet the smallest of the Composit serie and similar as the basemodel, the Trintella 47C.

The Trintella 47C was for the Yard the first yacht build in composit  from designer  Ron Holland.

After the Trintella Shipyard B.V. stopped her activities in 2002 , the ships that were in the building proces or in portfolio went to the new owner the Hamble Yacht Service (HYS) in England.

At the moment that the yard closed her doors, the Trintella 55C was still in the design state, but there was already a potential buyer.

The Trintella 65C is the flagship of the Composit serie.

After Anne Wever had sold the yard in 1987 , the new owner wanted to bring an new sportive yacht on the market.

This Trintella 50 AC is an in aluminium build one-off, AC means with  After Cockpit, designed by Van de Stadt.

The Trintella 52C was build in order of a Dutch customer, who was looking for a yard to build a design of Peltzer & Van Dijk Yacht Design.

In 1996 an Amercan coupple asked the Trintella yard for a strong build, safe, reliable and easy to handle cruising yacht for long distances.


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