The extra length and beam with regard to the 44A is used below deck by two spacious  round douchecabins and a  longer pantry. The construction and finishing of the  aluminium casco ( Bloemsma) weas spoken highly off by the international press. The Aluminium  serie was completely build by Lloyds directions. Hull, deck and superstructure are one welded construction of  5 and 6 mm sheet. This is made stronger by two ribs. The engine is gas- and olie tight closed in. Th whole hull is isolated from the inside against heat and cold.

Data Trintella 49A / 51A

Design E.G. van de Stadt
Length 15.00 / 15.60m
Length waterline 12,20/ 13,00 m
Beam 4.00 m
Draft 49A Sliding keel 1.70 m / 3.00 m
Draft 51A Fixed keel 2.10
Displacement 16550/20500 kg
Ballast 6500/7500 k;
Sail area Main: 56,0/66,0 m²; Genua: 92,0 m²
Motor: Perkins
Perio 49A: 1986 to 1992. 51A: 1994 to 2000
Number build 15 / 6

Pictures Trintella 49A

Documentation Trintella 49A



The Trintella 51A is a second generation model with a more negative stern, which increased her with a few feet. The biggest change are two steeringwheels. Thanks to a fixed keel and changed sailplan the new model got a more modern and sportive look.

Pictures Trintella 51A


Documentation Trintella 51A


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