Trintella 57A / 58A

This reputation was based on the number of yachts build (twelf) and the dimensions of the yacht. Thedimensions of  the Trintella 57A gave th customer a lot of choise in differnt interiors. The Trintella 57A, build atvthe  end of the eighties  is long seen  as the flaggship of the A serie. With a  maximum of ten  persons a bord one can make comfortable, safe  and long distance journeys.

Data Trintella 57A / 58A

Design E.G. van de Stadt
Lengh: 17,30 / 17,70 m
Length waterline 14 / 14,30 m
Beam 4.96 m
Draft 57A sliding keel 1.85 m / 3.15 m
Draft 58A fxed keel 2.15 m
Displacement 23.000kg
Ballast 10000/11000 kg
Sail area Main:70,4/88,3 m²; Genua 1: 119,6 m²; Genua 2: 96,0 m²
Motor Perkins 124 pk (6 cil.)
Period 57A: 1987 - 1991.     58A: 1995 - 2001
Number build 15 / 3

Picturess Trintella 57A

  • 2.93. TR57A goodman
  • DSC_0927
  • CCF03032014_0000a
  • BM schwarzweiss
  • Trintella 57A2
  • Trintella 57A Nimbus (14)
  • IMG_5172
  • 2.95. stuurstand 57A
  • Trintella 57A Nimbus (5)
  • Trintella 57A Nimbus (4)
  • Trintella 57A
  • Tr 57A
  • Documentation Trintella 57A



    The Trintella 58A is a second generation  model with a more negative stern, which increased its lenght with a few feet. Two steeringwheels were positioned. Thanks to a fixed keel and a new sailplan this renewed model got a more modern and sportive look.

    Pictures Trintella 58A

  • 1 Trintella 58A
  • 2 Salon 58A in essen
  • Documentation Trintella 58A

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