On the baseof this model Van de Stadt designed later the 40A, 49A and 57A. The Trintella 44A is a very strong and modern cruising yacht and at the time of introduction it belonged to the worintop in the field of Aluminium yachts. It offer a  fantastic comfort for four people and long distances in ‘blue water sailing’.

Data Trintella 44A/46A

Design E.G. van de Stadt
Length 13.50 / 14.10m
Length waterline 11m / 12m
Beam: 4.20 m
Draft 44A sliding keel 1.55 m / 2.55 m
Draft 46A fixed keel 1.95m
Waterverplaatsing  13.000/16.000 kg
Ballast 5000 / 5500 kg
Sail area Main 44,5 / 60m2  , Genua 70,6 m2
Motor: Perkins 95 pk , Yanmar 63pk.
Periode: 44A: 1984 - 1988. 46A: 1996 - 1997
Aantal 3 / 2

Pictures Trintella 44A

Documentation Trintella 44A



The Trintella 46A is a second  generation model with a more  negatieve stern, which increased its length with a few feet.  The biggest change are doubble steeringwheels. Thanks to a fixed keel and a more modern sailplan  the yacht had a much more modern and sportive look.

Pictures Trintella 46A

Documentation Trintella 46A


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