Trintella 40A

This model is a nice example how very efficient they created intereior space.The yacht has not only two very spacious two person cabins with bathroom, but also the same decklayout as the bigger types. A spacious well protected central cockpit and an extra steeringecuipement on portside under the hood. The sailplan is a masttop-sloop rigging with doubble backstay's. With a lot of wind the cutterfock can be set instead of the genua.

Data Trintella 40A

Design E.G. van de Stadt
Length 12.30 m
Length waterline 10 m
Beam 4.00 m
Draft sliding keel 1.55 m / 2.55 m
Displacement 10.500kg
Ballast 4000 kg
Motor: Volvo Penta
Period 1985 - 1986
Number build 3

Pictures Trintella 40A

  • Versie 4
  • Tr 40A
  • Trintella40A_5
  • Trintella40A_4
  • Trintella40A_3
  • Trintella40A_2
  • Documentation Trintella 40A


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