The Fall Reunion’s organisers Frans and Yvonne reaped the benefits of their hard work. It was a great party with something for everyone. On behalf of all participants: thank you very much!  True to form, we will let some participants share their experience. This time, the accounts are given by Rob van Liemt and Wilma Schoorl. They would love to tell you about their day.


The Spring Meeting in Andijk and Enkhuizen was a great success. As per usual, one of the participants of the meeting has penned down their personal report of the weekend. This time around it means two participants, the full crew of a Trintella Ia named WAd 2.0: Wouter Ernst and Ad Kamsma. Here is their story!

Account by a debutante… 

 After three Fall Meetings it was high time for us to join in with our own boat and acquaint ourselves with the Spring Meeting during the Ascension Day weekend. Our ship’s berth is in Amsterdam, which meant: asking for leave in time, so we could be sure that we had enough time to sail to Zeeland and back. That meant an early vacation this year. 

The weekend of 18-19 november was the 47th Autumn Reunion. This year in Antwerp, with about 80 participants. Saying Antwerp is a lovely city, was not said too much. A lively city with beautiful squares and monuments. The Red Star Line Museum, which impressively showed that migration is of all time and is often enriching.

The autumn meeting of this year in the beautiful town Kampen was a great success with 91 participants Both the visit of the yard were the old "Kogge ship" was built, with coincidently a Trintella IIIA in the travelift that morning, as the sailing with the saloonboat "De Veerman van Kampen" were very interesting.

The 45th spring meeting took place in Hellevoetsluis from Thursday 29 May till Saturday 31 May. The meeting, which stayed centered in one place this year, was visited by 32 boats. Ten of the vessels were 'small ships': Trintels and Trintellas 1(a) and 2(a). Our meeting was visited by at least 100 members, 20 of whom arrived without boats of their own.


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