The 45th spring meeting took place in Hellevoetsluis from Thursday 29 May till Saturday 31 May. The meeting, which stayed centered in one place this year, was visited by 32 boats. Ten of the vessels were 'small ships': Trintels and Trintellas 1(a) and 2(a). Our meeting was visited by at least 100 members, 20 of whom arrived without boats of their own.

We have also welcomed 10 new faces! Thursday started fantastically with a cocktail hour on the pier which Siem and Riet Poot treated us to because of their 50th anniversary.

The Jubilee book 'Trintella Yachts, Holland's glory from Brabant' was presented to us on Friday afternoon in the Dry dock. Many people attended the presentation. The crowd varied from sponsors to water sport journalists to members and even some seasoned ex-employees of the ship yard. The first copy of the book was handed over to our patroness Riekie Wever by the author Peter van der Waa. We made a video of the presentation that takes about 11 minutes.

You can watch the video by clicking on the following link:

The crowd reacted enthusiastically to their newly acquired book but also praised it and reacted quitemoved. Adding to the pre-sale figure; we sold another 30 copies! Expanding the content of Yvonne's little shop was also received positively by our guests. She could not complain about all the attention it earned her. Although the weather Gods had seemingly blessed us with wonderful weather from Thursday onwards, there were some insecurities on whether or not we would have enough wind for the regatta on Saturday. Eventually we were treated to a 3-4 Bf NW with sunshine, very nice weather to sail in. Frans and Hilda Snieders' Coco won the trophy! At the end of the meeting everyone agreed that it had once again been a wonderful couple of days! Once again we had closed off a successfulspring meeting of 2014! You can find the photographs taken during the meeting in the column on the right.



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