The almost 1200 Trintels and Trintella's that were build by Anne Wever Shipyard are still beautifull sound ships and with the necessary upkeep can last many more years. The oldest ships of the fleet are a beautifull sight to see, but because the large amount of woodwork very vulnerable.

To stimulate and support present owners as much as possible with technical information, advice and experiance, it is important to get a better documentation of the present fleet: The largest category is the Classic's with almost 600 Trintel's and Trintella's I (a) en II(a) ,the oldest and most vulnerable class of the fleet. At the moment the permanent mooring and ownership are only known for 10% of these ships. The category Center Cockpits (Trintella III, IIIa, IV, 41 and V) consists of about 315 ships of which 25% is documented. The category  Flush Decks (Trintella 38, 44, 45 en 53) amounts to about 100 ships , a quarter of them are documented. We have also a category of Trintella 42 and the A en C series that together account also for a 100 ships of which only a small number is documented. We would like to ask you all to assist in logging these ships, wherever they may be. You can find here the list of yardnumbers, with the type, the original and present ship's name and also the flag under which each ship sails. For a good support and good communication with the owner we have a database where the mooring, emailadress and telefone number are registered. We would be very gratefull if you could assist us by supplying any new information concerning missing ships, changed names of ships or change of ownership. Please send any information to W. de Graaf This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Many thanks for your cooperation. We shall keep you informed through the website.


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