The sailing season is slowly coming to an end. For the TVK, this usually entails shaping the Fall Reunion and making the final arrangements with facilities.

Considering the developments in the COVID pandemic, however, the board has decided against hosting a Fall Reunion this year. We very much regret this, but since the number of infections is going up instead of down and many of the participants would be part of risk groups, the decision has been made for us.

We realise that this, after also deciding against a Spring Meeting, will be a disappointment for many. Our great plans will be placed on the backburner, and we hope to have a great meeting year in 2021.


Yachtbuilder Joop Doomernik announced two new sailingyachts which get the name Trintella .  The ships are  45 and 50 feet long and designed by  German Frers.

Reed  here  the article from  Jachtbouw Nederland (Yachtbuiding Holland) which announced the news. The article is in Dutch but you can already see the beautifull artist impressions.

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For the third time in three years Peter van der Waa was very succesfull in publkishing our new style glossy magazine. Again it is a very readable high standard quality magazine.   It is for the members as well as for  relations in the yachtmarket. Read here the Dutch version. The five articles  marked on top with an English flag are translated.  You can read the English Translation  here.

The organisers Frans and Yvonne Slikkerveer (former: Trintella IIIa, Liv, now: Pilot 44, Liv) made an interesting programme for us. 84 persons had seen a lot of Dordecht, used a nice lunch and dinner and learned a lot at the visit of Traffic Center Dordrecht.

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The Spring Meeting in Andijk and Enkhuizen was a great success. As per usual, one of the participants of the meeting has penned down their personal report of the weekend. This time around it means two participants, the full crew of a Trintella Ia named WAd 2.0: Wouter Ernst and Ad Kamsma. Here is their story!

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In our newsletter of March 2018 we mentioned the film Adrift, based on a book by Tami Oldham, in which a Trintella 44 named Hazana has an important role. After seeing this film, some of our members have recorded their experiences. 

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You all remember the story of the Irène, a Trintella Ia, which had been neglected for many years in her home port of Colijnshaven. We have reported on this on many occasions in our Club Magazine, especially on our efforts to track down the owner and get in touch with them to ask them to take better care of the ship. After some time we managed to get in touch with the owners – Alain and Muriël – last March. We, Willem de Graaf, Peter van der Waa and your series coordinator Loet Geldhoff , and the owners, met on the Irène.

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