Springmeeting 2024 in Herkingen en Brouwershaven

 On 8 and Ascencionday  May 9 14 ships and two campers (due to the closed standing mast route) gatherd in Herkingen harbour to enjoy thejetty drinks offerd by Siem and Riet Poot in the afternoon in a lovely spring sunshine. After the jetty drinks we walked to the Chinese restaurant, wher , despite of some logistical problemsthe meal was ecellent.


 7a        23a      10a


 The group with the 42's obvously finished first, but was followedvery closely bythe 38 Anemone. The entire fieldwas close together and had completed the entire racing couse in 2,5 hour. A dissonance after the finishwas that the 42 Coco could not enter the port of Brouwershanen due to its draft and had to remain outside.That eveningwe ate in group in different restaurants.


 4a       13a      21a


On saturday morning the "Peeking at the neighbours"" followed, again organised by Gerard. which was eagerly taken dvantage of. The 38 Kopenoar in particular, which was recently compelely refitted, was in demand. Also because of a new type imitation teak deck(Flexiteak). Around 13 h the bus was redy to take us to the 1953 Flood Museum, whereeveryone was convinced that water has just more than fun aspects. Afterwarts the bus droveus to Den Osse  where the partyboat "Grevelingen"  was aiting for us. The awards ceremony was first held at the table, after which an excellent buffet awaited the guests.

MS Grevelingen     32a    30a

The first price with the Challenge cupwent to Trintella 1 Anou 2 (A nous deux) who was very pleased with it. Our patroness Mrs. Wever recieved a stained glass version of the logo of th Anne Wever shipyard, which moved her very much. The party boat took uis back to Brouwershaven in the evening, where 9 as you can see in the photo) it remaind rwestless on the jetty for some time.

Thanks again to our chairman and secretary Helms and Siem who orgnised this together.


31a      26a    12a





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