The Trintella 47C was for the Yard the first yacht build in composit  from designer  Ron Holland. The modern sailplan with a turning jib and elektric winches create the possibilty to sail with a small crew. All ropes from  mast to cockpit are lead trough an inox pipe, which is handrail on the superstructure as well. The American magazine Cruising World has choosen the Trintella 47C in 1998 to ‘Boat of the Year’ , in the categorie ’Luxury Cruisers’.

Data  Trintella 47C

Design Ron Holland
Length 14.40 m
Length waterline 11,53 m

4.51 m

Draft 1.95 m
Displacement 16.000kg
Ballast 5500 kg
Sail area Main/Genua 1/Genua 2: 55,4/54,0 m²
Motor: Yanmar 62 hp
Periode: 1996 - 2002
Number  build 7 (1x build by Westerly in UK)


Pictures Trintella 47C

Documentation Trintella 47C


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