This Trintella is with her 42-feet the smallest in the C serie and similar to the  basemodel, the Trintella 47C. She was ment  as ‘budgetmodel’ of ther new range in composit build yachts in design of Ron Holland. The saloon and the pantry are smaller then in the 47-foot-model, but the dimensions of the aftercabin are eaqal.

Data  Trintella 42C

Design Ron Holland
Length 12.80 m
Length waterline 10,95 m

4.20 m

Draft: 1.80 m
Displacement 13.500kg
Ballast 5500 kg
Sail area Main/High aspect: 51,8/43,3 m² 
Motor: Yanmar 50 pk
Periode: 1997 - 2002
Aantal 2 (one build by  HYS)


Pictures Trintella 42C

Documentation Trintella 42C


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