After the Trintella Shipyard B.V. stopped her activities in 2002 , the ships that were in the building proces or in portfolio went to the new owner the Hamble Yacht Service (HYS) in England. One of these orders was to build the Trintella 50C. The plug used for the Trintella 47C , was enlarged with 3 feet for this  model. The lay out and equipement werew eaqual to the Trintella 47C.

Data Trintella 50C

Design Ron Holland
Length 15.25 m
Beam: 4.51 m
Draft 2.20 m
Displacement 18.450kg
Ballast 6750 kg
Sail area Main/High aspect: 55,5/40,2 m²
Period 2005
Number build 1


Pictures Trintella 50C

Documentation Trintella 50C


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