Trintella 59A

In 1996 an Amercan couple asked the Trintella yard for a strong build, safe, reliable and easy to handle cruising yacht for long distances.The Trintella 58A was near to what they were searching but the couple had one more demand: their yacht should be fitted with an  ‘Aerorig’. So their order brought a new challenge to the yard. Aerorig is a revolutionary invention of  Carbospars, in which the unstayed carbon mast is turning on a special foot on the keel and the boom run until the fore end of the boat. The fock is on a furling gear while the mailsail is tradional fitted with reefing lines and a  lazy bag. An Aerorig gives mximum easy handling: you don't need extra sails before the mast and the sail live longer. The "Mona Lisa" was in several aspects different from the  standard 58-foot Trintella. The yacht had an extra heavy hull of 8 mm aluminium (enough to resist the vuiolent of hitting ice with a speed of ten knots), an hydraulic liftingkeel, a longer stern (with  room for a dinghy), a vertical transom, a higher, longer and  closable deckhouse, double steeringwheels and – the most important - an Aerorig.

Data Trintella 59A

Design E.G. Van de Stadt
Length 18.43 m
Length waterline 16,20 m
Beam 5.00 m
Draft: Liftingkeel: 1,85 / 3,35 m
Displacement 38.000 kg
Sail area 148 m2
Hull: Aluminium 8mm
Period: 1997-1998
Number build 1


Pictures Trintella 59A

  • Tr59A-2
  • Tr59A-1
  • 100_0031RGB-web
  • 100_0127-A4
  • 100_0159
  • anchor-system-a17_010-952x822
  • passarelle-b04_002-1088x816
  • cockpit-a17_001-1088x816
  • pilothouse-b07_003-g-web
  • garage2-a16_011-1088x816
  • TR59A-3
  • nav-desk-a14_092-web
  • galley-a14_006-web
  • b11_080-workshop
  • b10_018-forward-lavatory-672x896
  • b09_004-aft-lavatory
  • Documentation Trintella 59A

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