Trintella 52C

The Trintella 52C was build in order of a Dutch customer, who was looking for a yard to build a design of Peltzer & Van Dijk Yacht Design. The management of the yard liked this because they saw possibilities to launch a serie of fast  comfort racers in the market te zetten, next to the existing  Trintella C serie. So  the "Fairy Tale", build inj a  combination of woodcore and composit and was also light and fast. The "Fairy Tale " has often competed in many big sailregattas. This 52-footer was displayed on  Boot Düsseldorf in 2000 to interest a new group of clients. Unfortunately is should stay a  one-off

Data Trintella 52C

Design Peltzer & Van Dijk Yacht Design
Length 16.00 m
Length waterline 14 m
Beam 4.66 m
Draft Liftingkeel: 1,8 / 2,8 m
Displacement 14.500kg
Ballast 5000 kg
Sail area  Main: 67,4 m²; Jib: 51,3 m²; Genua 2: 65,0 m²
Hull: Wood core/Composit
Period: 1999
Number build 1


Pictures Trintella 52C

  • Tr52C-1
  • Tr52C-4
  • Fairytale1
  • Fairytale2
  • Tr52C-5
  • TR52C-2
  • Tr52C-3
  • Tr52C-6
  • Tr52C-8
  • Documentation Trintella 52C

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