This Trintella 50 AC is an in aluminium build one-off, with an after cockpit designed by Van de Stadt, ordered by a German owner who wanted to use the boat for charter sailing. The owner had high quality demands and had the hull build much more heavy and stronger than usual. In the fore and aftership were made special watertight bulkheads.


Data Trintella 50AC

Design E.G. Van de Stadt
Length 15.30 m
Length waterline 13 m
Beam 4.70 m
Draft Liftingkeel: 1,8/2,85 m
Displacement 21.500kg
Ballast 7500 kg
Sail area Main: 69,0 m²; Genua: 60,8 m²
Hull: Aluminium
Period 1997
Number build 1


Pictures Trintella 50AC

Documentation Trintella 50AC


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