After Anne Wever had sold the yard in 1987, the new owner wanted to bring an new sportive yacht on the market. The result of this wish was the building of a new concept designed by architect P. Behage: the Juba 1370. This new yacht, build in aluminium, named Trintella 448S , should  be more favourite in the group of  sportive sailors.  It appeard however to be very difficult to be competetive in this segment with  Finn yards. The Trintella 448S should therefor end at last in history as a one-off.

Data Trintella 448S

Design P. Behage
Length 13.70 m
Length waterline 11,40 m
Beam 4.40 m
Draft: 2.15 m
Displacement 11.000kg
Ballast 4500 kg
Sail area 116,1 m² (totaal aan de wind)
Hull: Aluminium
Periode 1991
Number 1


Pictures Trintella 448S

Documentation Trintella 448S


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