As soon as one enters the ship the first remakeble fact for that time was the inner height of more the 2 meters (6,6 foot)!  Special is that man can walk around in the ship and enter the wet cell from two sides. The finish is on the famous Trintella standard , which gives the ship a very luxurious look.The only negative thing is the the speed. Van der Stadt had calculated a certain speed but in practice it was not was realised.The heavy and strong layout has to be the reason. The 38 is build as sloop and ketch.

Data Trintella 38

Design: E.G. van de Stadt
Length: 11.55 m
Beam: 3.70 m
Draft 1.90 m
Motor Perkins 49 pk
Buildingperiod: after 1976
build: 48

Pictures Trintella 38

Documentation Trintella 38


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