Trintella V

The Trintella V is unikque in his segment, everything is big on this ship. The design is clearly different from the III and the IV. It was the first Trintella with a high situated cockpit, what gave room below deck for a kitchen. The V was only build as a ketch.

Data Trintella V

Design E.G. van de Stadt
Length: 14.63 m
Beam: 4.06 m
Draft 1.80 m
Motor Perkins 115 hp
Number build 17

Pictures Trintella V

  • Trintella V - Beta Leonis
  • V Beta leonis
  • Trintella V
  • 2.54. Santa Maria
  • svPersistence
  • 2.50.  Tr V
  • 5. Persistence ow schip
  • Under sail-Haro Strait BC
  • 2.51.Plan TR V
  • 4 Tr 5 plan
  • Documentation Trintella V

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