Van de Stadt proved the construction of GRP sailingyachts in series. Anne Wever soon ordered the design of a GRP version of his steel Trintel I. The ship became a little wider and got more sail. Although it was constructed with high tech material for the time, the cabinnrooftop still was of traditional wood and the GRP deck recieved a 18mm (!) teak finish. The result of it all was a well sailing classic, with perfect lines and finishing. The first series were delivered with a wooden mast, the later series had an aluminium mast. The interior is traditional with a bench on each side.

Data Trintella l and la

Design E.G. Van de Stadt
Length over all 8,50/8,80 m (l / la)
Length waterline 6,50 m
Beam 2,52 m
Draft 1,30 m
Displacement 3800 kg
Ballast 1750 kg
Sail area 42,9 m²
Buildingperiod 1962 to 1976
Number build ca. 260
Motor Sabb Diesel 10 hp

ta1alp2Trintella Ia

The difference between the Ia and the I is the shape of the stern. The Ia has a rudder through the aftdeck, while the I has the rudder attached to the stern. The I and the Ia are probably the most successful ship of Trintella and they are still well appreciated by many sailors.

Pictures Trintella I/Ia

Documentation Trintella I/Ia


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