Trintella II

The Trintella II is bigger as the Ia and has a polyester sideboard on the cockpit (instead of wood). The II has longkeel with the rudder at the end of the keel. There are two versions. Most have a kitchen in the long way and a dog bed at portside and a dinette on starboard side. Some have a couch on starboard and a kitchen against the aftermainboard on portside. The II is a good sailing ship, but with a bad trim it is heavy to steer.

Data Trintella ll en lla

Design: E.G. van de Stadt
Length  9,45/10,00 m (ll / lla)
Length waterline 7,32 m
Beam 2,80 m
Draft 1,41 m
Displacement 4350 kg
Ballast 2000 kg
Sail area 51,00 m²
Buildingperiod 1966 to 1974
Number build ca. 150 ( 90 ll and 60 lla)
Motor Volvo Penta MD2B


The Trintella IIa was developed after the II. De IIa is larger in the tail, at 55 cm. That makes that the backside of the boat come higer above the water. The changes in the ship below the waterline are more important. The IIa has a shorter keel than the II and the rudder is separated and fixed on a skeg. Van de Stadt wanted it to become a more quiet ship on the rudder. The interiors are the same as that of the II. Most have a kitchen in the long way and two dogbeds. The original Volvo Penta MD2(B) often gave cool- and electricityproblems. That was the reason for many owners to change the engine. The IIa is a good sailing ship , high against the wind and a quiet  on the water.

Pictures Trintella II

Documentation Trintella II


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