The 42 was the succesfull result. The boat has modern elementes like a finkeel, a saildrive and a much smaller wet surface then the 38 and 44 series. That makes the 42 the best sailing ship of all Trintella's. The interior designs are different. There are 42's with one and with two aftercabins. After 1984 the thereafter famous German architect Dieter Sieger build an interior for himself with much roundings and came in contact with Alape. This company that became famous because of the round sinks, which were first produced for Sieger and his Trintella 42.

Data Trintella 42

Design: E.G. van de Stadt
Length: 12.90 m
Beam: 4.00 m
Draft: 1.95 m/ 2.15 m
Motor: Volvo Penta 64 hp
Buildingperiod: 1981-1989
Number build: 42

Pictures Trintella 42

Documentation Trintella 42


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