We have found Theo Neilen from ’s-Hertogenbosch willing to work on the Project Scale Models led by Peter van der Waa. Theo will be checking the models, cleaning them and repairing them where needed, before we take the pictures. We learned from Theo that he already knew about the shipyard Anne Wever and Trintella Yachts. He used to sail on the Ertveldplas, right in front of the shipyard, and was a member of the WSV Viking. He has seen many Trintella yachts being launched. Being in touch with Peter and checking the half and complete scale models has inspired him to spontaneously start working on the very first Trintel I model ship. The sections have been created and put in place and the first smaal wooden strakes have been assembled. The keel for the first Trintel was created in 1958. After 62 years, another one, although on scale and in wood, is being built.


We will give you more information on this in our Newsletter and in the 2021 Magazine.



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