Concours de Créativité: learning from each other’s experiences and solutions

During the Saturday of the Spring Meeting in Veere we will have another Concours de Créativité.

The goal of this Concours is to learn from each other’s experiences and solutions that simplify the maintenance or increase the comfort of the ships or improve the sailing qualities.

These subjects matter for each ship type but especially for the Classics (The Trintels and Trintella I(a) and II(a)), considering their designs, their woodwork and their age. This is why, for the last few years, the Concours was mainly focussed on these Classics.

But this year we have the Concours – its name a wink to the Concours d’Elegance, where boats are shown off – not just for the Classics, but also for other series: the Centre Cockpits (Trintella III, IIIa, IV, 41 and V), the Flush Decks (Trintella 38, 44, 45, 53), the Trintella 42 and the Trintella A and C series



Here’s how it works.

Per series the contestants gather on the pier near the boats that Saturday morning at 10.30. A supervisor will give the contestants instructions and hand them a scoring list.

Each contestant will choose 1 or more solutions on maintenance, comfort of sailing qualities that he or she will present to the company. This can take place on the pier or, if this is easier and the crowd is not too big, on the boat itself.

Each contestant will rate the presented solutions, giving them a score from 0 to 5. The evaluations will be handed to the supervisor around 12.30 when all boats have been seen. The supervisor calculates who had the highest score. The winning solution will be revealed during the Saturday dinner.

The solution will be documented and posted on the TVK website. This honour aside, its inventor will receive refreshment for the cold summer’s eves.