News about the Stichting Federatie PolyClassic Zeiljachten (FPZ)

In 2003 the Federatie PolyClassic Zeiljachten was founded and in 2012 the Stichting (Foundation) PolyClassic Zeiljachten was founded with the following goals

– lifted from the articles of association:

(1) improving the preservation and use of classic polyester sailing yachts, the basic design of which was created in or before the year 1975, as part of the classic sailing heritage;

(2) carrying out further actions that are related to the above or can be conducive to it.

Looking back on the period of 2003 until now, the board concluded that the Stichting Federatie PolyClassic Zeiljachten has triggered the promotion of awareness on Polyclassic sailing yachts and has enhanced it. This shows from the increased interest in polyclassic ships and the possibility to have polyclassics registered as Classics. In the last few years, it’s become harder to actively involve joined associations with the Stichting FPZ and a few associations has withdrawn from the Stichting FPZ – usually for understandable reasons. Furthermore, interests of non-organised Polyclassic owners are now represented by the VKSJ instead of the Stichting FPZ. In addition, the workshops, an important activity for the Stichting FPZ, have become harder to organise. As a result, the Stichting FPZ board (*) has concluded there is no more purpose for the Stichting FPZ and has decided to unregister the Stichting Federatie PolyClassic Zeiljachten from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and stop all activities. The positive balance of approximately €2000,- will be donated to the KNRM. What will remain is a coordinating part with regards to winter activities, the purpose of which is to offer members of fellow Polyclassic sailing associations the option to join workshops held by other associations. To be determined is the role the FPZ will play in the 24-hour regatta.

(*) The board of the FPZ consists of: Ben Verhaaf - chairman, Helms van der Vegte (Trintella Vriendenkring) - secretary, Izaak Versluis (Contessa zeilers) - treasurer.





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