The  club magazine-old-style will no longer appear from 2018, but will be replaced by an annual TVK magazine. This magazine will be published in spring and will have a new format. News facts that used to be published in the club magazine have been incorporated in the digital Newsleter since 2016, and last year the website has been renewed. So from now on you will find the published digital newsletters also on this website:

 TVK Digial Newsletter no 22 february 2020
TVK Digital Newsletter no 21 december 2019
TVK Digital newsletter no. 20 october 2019
 TVK Digital newsletter no. 19 august 2019
TVK  Digital Newsletter no.18 June 2019
 TVK Digital Newsletter no. 17 April 2019 TVK Digital Newsletter no 16  february 2019
TVK Digital Newsletter no 15 december 2018 TVK Digital Newsletter no 14 October 2018
TVK Digital Newsletter no 13 August 2018            TVK Digital Newsletter no. 11 March 2018
TVK Digital Newsletter  no.10  February 2018 TVK Digital Newsletter   no.9  January 2018
TVK Digital Newsletter no. 7  september 2017  TVK Digital Newsletter no.4  december 2016
TVK digital Newsletter no.3 september 2016 TVK Digital Newsletter no.1  january 2016

New Glossy Magazine     Edition April 2018           English translitions of 5 articles.

                                         Edition April 2019           Engish translation of 4 articles

In the past members of the Trintella Association recieved our magazine twice a year, in April and October. Besides news from the committee and membership mutations we strived to publish as many articles written by our members as possible. 

Are you interested in old content? You can download an example here :


TVK Magazine (Dutch version) april 2017

TVK Magazine (Dutch version)  oktober 2016                 English text translation of some articles

TVK Magazine (Dutch version) april 2016                       English text translation of some articles

TVK Magazine (Dutch version) october 2015                  English text translation of some atricles

 TVK Magazine (Dutch version)  april 2015                     English text translation

  TVK magazine (English) april 2014

  TVK Magazine (Dutch) october 2013                            English text translation


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